Digital Education - Supply Chain Management and Business simulation for interactive teaching


The ChainSim is designed to teach concepts in supply chain, resource allocation, and production planning. All results of company`s operational indicators and decisions history will be sent as a report to the teacher`s email.

What is ChainSim?

Supply Chain Management and Business Simulation. Web based business simulation platform. E-learning tool for Universities, Colleges, Corporate Training Centers and other educational organisations who teach Logistics, Strategy, Supply Chain Planning, Business, Operations Management, Entrepreneurship, Manufacturing, Resource and Production Management etc.

Also useful business game tool for individual learners, distance learners and group training in business organisation.

In this simulation, the roles as supply chain planner, student will work with different suppliers and clients to ensure the most cost optimized supply chain.

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Why choose ChainSim for your classroom?

  • Easy and productive way of making seminars and give homework for students.
  • Simple online overview of each student`s results.
  • Tool for logistics and supply chain management labs.
  • Cloud-friendly software suites that can be used and accessed anywhere you are.
  • Automated points/grading system for teams/students results.


It engages participants in making strategic decisions in the management of a manufacturing company of mobile phones/textile products/furntiture products.

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The cross functional business simulation will motivate your students to deliver optimal performance using supply chain best practices from previous studies.


  • No download/installation, online
  • Unlimited users/players per licence
  • Can build Supply Chain Management online trainings
  • Can play individually or in groups
  • Online report/summary for a teacher
  • Results data storaged in cloud server
  • Possible to arrange competitions – student challenge
  • supplier7
  • LEAN concept training
  • entrepreneurship education
  • supply chain planning
  • MRP, MSP, safety stock, safety lead time
  • sourching/procurement planning
  • inventory management
  • production flow management
  • supplier

Online reports for a teacher

Online reports for a teacher

Student's/team's ranking

Student’s/team’s ranking

Results directly to e-mail

Results directly to e-mail

Saved results for a teacher

Saved results for a teacher



Student challenge – good supplement for a Beer Game

Student is a manager of a small cell phone assembling company. The object of the game is to minimize total costs, fulfill all client’s needs and earn maximum profit to your team. Also there will be calculated Return on investment (ROI) and Return on Assets (ROA).

The assignments require simple calculations which will help you understand the basic relationships in the supply chain planning and material requirements planning (MRP).

Simulation of processes and procedures is an excellent method to test your own and your students skills in “being Lean”. Widely used a an supplement for a Beer Game.

Operations Management


Our objective in ChainSim is to introduce you to concepts and techniques related to the design, planning, control, and improvement of manufacturing and service operations. The simulation begins with a holistic view of operations, where bind together product development, process management, and supply chain management.

As the simulation progresses, we will investigate various aspects of each of these three tiers of operations in detail. ChainSim will cover topics in the areas of process analysis, materials management, production scheduling, quality improvement, and product design.